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Can’t figure out whether to use ‘its’ or ‘it’s’? English is such a complex language that we are all often likely to fall into its traps. And that is why you need professional copyediting services. Most people are elusive of the fact that copyediting and proofreading are both different tasks and domains. Copyediting services primarily include polishing written content and ensuring that your content is in sync with the rules of the language. Also to ensure that they convey exactly what is to be said. Proofreading on the other hand involves rectifying any typos or syntax errors in the content so that your content doesn’t appear to be a comedy of errors.

Most of the language you read on the internet today is not in sync with English rules of grammar. It is easy for internet copywriters to interchange ‘Advice’ with ‘Advice’ and ‘Practise’ with ‘Practice’. This is because most of these writers are amateur, unaware of the nuances and common grammatical errors of the English language. This is one of the reasons that most of the work done by internet copywriters must be copyedited and proofread before getting published. This is because even if the writer is aware, it is very easy for the person to overlook some conspicuous errors in his or her work despite going through it carefully several times.

Why India?
One must wonder. Why to outsource copy editing services to a country like India where most of the population is Hindi speaking? Well, most of the world is hardly aware of the fact that India has the second largest English speaking population in the world after US and English is the only other language used here apart from Hindi by the central government for all its administration purposes.

Copy editing in India is a flawless and integrated process. This is because unlike other countries where English has changed into numerous slangs and dialects, India is one nation that swears by the rules of grammar. Another reason for outsourcing copyediting to India is the affordable prices and cheap resources due to a large availability of English fluent resources.

Copyediting and Proofreading with Website
Apart from internet copywriters who are well aware of the nuances of the language, Website has a team of experienced and seasoned copy editors and proofreaders who ensure that your content is error free and refined.

check Our team of copyeditors works in sync with the writers. Whether the piece is written by our writer or yours, we ensure that the flavour and meaning of your content is not lost. We make sure your content is upto your expectations as exceeding your expectations is not just our passion but a way of life.

checkOur copyediting services are an integrated process where every work goes through a double check, first by a junior copyeditor and then a senior copyeditor who is no less than a PhD or an M.A in English.

checkOur team of proofreaders consists of professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the publishing domain, making them some of the most qualified in their area of expertise.

checkCopyediting services at Website are extremely timeline driven and we make sure that your manuscript is not only refined but is clear of any grammatical errors, typos, syntax, punctuation errors and semantics and reaches your readers on time.

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